10 Sunset Hot Spots in Kefalonia

November is here and soon enough winter will be in charge, dressing everything in white. Yet here at Kefalonia, the colours of nature seem never to fade. Especially when the sun sets…

Right at the moment where the day meets the night, let the magic of the sunset view unfold in front of you! Experience collectors, embark on a photography expedition at the most photogenic spots in Kefalonia, chasing the overwhelming views of a sunset sinking in the sea or hiding behind the shadow of land.

Myrtos Beach


Lying between the feet of two mountains and approached by a winding road, Myrtos offers enchanting views from the very first sight.  Stand on the balcony above the beach, breath in the salty air and let your eyes plunge into infinity, coloured in all shades of blue.
During sunset, there is no better place than this to relish the mind blowing view of the red sky merging into absolute blue.

Relish the divinity of nature painting the nightfall in unique colours. Exquisite scenery for the two of you, watching the sunset at world-famous beaches and legend-inspiring bays, embraced by rocks and lush greenery.
Petani Beach

sunset last light at petani beach

A wealth of turquoise blues that are still to be discovered, lies hidden below steep hills and lush trails along the reach coastline of Paliki. Such is the case of Petani Beach. Only the sun, the sea and you in absolute green-blue bliss… Relish the magnificence of nature in untouched landscape and endless views.

The Lighthouse of St. Theodore


It is a unique circular structure, based on 20 white Doric architectural style columns and its tower is 8 m tall. It offers not only a guiding light for the incoming and outgoing ships, but also a classical, romantic spot for locals and visitors.

A special view on your sight while the sunset, the sea breeze and its unique architecture will charm you.

Mount Ainos

ainos viewa

Are you a mountain lover? Drive to the top of Ainos, if you ride a suitable vehicle. Ainos is the highest mountain in western Greece and its view is to die for! When you reach the antennas, you are at the top of the island. Get your camera and capture the vivid colours of the sun setting beneath you. You will remember every single shoot forever!


Fiskardo pretty in pink

A former fishing village that has transformed into a high status cosmopolitan resort, without losing its quintessence. Surrounded by untamed, lush vegetation that almost reaches the coastline, the village of Fiscardo seems to be part of a dreamy landscape. It is a land filled with contrasts, where the rugged, heavily wooded hills meet with the gleaming white-pebbled  beaches.


axiotheato katavothres

 In case you go there for a drink, carry your camera, you will need it! The environment combined with the people and the lights generate a magic place, worth shooting. The unique style of the club in the seaside, under an amazing sunset will make those moments unforgettable.

Argostoli in the background


Walk through the bridge or round the lake of Koutavos in Argostoli and you will meet a clearing near the street with panoramic view of Argostoli. Shoot the view and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

The Gerogompos Lighthouse


At a crossing after the village of Havriata, on a country lane that looks a lot like tundra with no trees, only stones, shrub and a constant wind, one can find a historical, well-designed lighthouse of international value. It is located near Cape Gerogompos. One of the most famous lighthouses in Greece, in a unique spot that makes you feel like the whole Ionian Sea washes your feet.

Agios Georgios Castle


When you reach the castle and sit on the broadening, a physical balcony right before the entrance, you will find out why the spot is considered as one of the most romantic places of the island. Do not miss it, the scenery is terrific!

Assos Village

assos village

The village seems to be ‘lost in time’ and gives off an almost mystical atmosphere. Pretty coloured houses nestling into the craggy hillside, dot the scenery with colours beyond the dominating blue and green.  Built amphitheatrically around the homonymous peninsula, it is surrounded by luscious green scenery and verdant forests. Pine and cypress trees and the crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, create a unique combination and make Assos an ideal setting for breathtaking sunsets.

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