F Zeen Gastronomy

Introduction to the inspiration behind our menu

As Hippocrates said:

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.

Selini Restaurant View

At F Zeen we believe in the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We make no exceptions with our food, using only fresh and the highest quality ingredients to create outstanding dishes that provide as much nourishment as possible.

Beetroot Risotto – Lunch Special

Daily Breakfast Buffet

Fresh, seasonal, hand-picked ingredients are the bedrock of our menu

A La Carte Menu

Enjoy our freshly prepared dishes using fruit and vegetables from our organic garden.

Visit our Selini Restaurant for our specials each night.

Freshly caught Swordfish Carpaccio with mandarin and fennel – Dinner Special

Inspiring Kefalonian ingredients

Kefalonian Meat Pie – Dinner Special

Gemista Risotto – Lunch Special

Comfort food meets Greek and local gastronomy in the hands of our Executive Chef.


Lemon Posset with dried fruit and homemade shortbread

Dark Chocolate Mousse sprinkled with hazelnut

Chocolate Ica Cream with Charcoal Ice Cream Cone

Lunch & Dinner Menu

We have two restaurants and bars, ‘Gaia’ meaning Earth and ‘Selini’ meaning moon in Ancient Greek. Both offering the same great dishes using a lot of our homegrown vegetables, herbs and fruit, grown completely naturally, free from pesticides and fertilisers.