Health & Wellbeing


Welcome to Īdor Wellness. We have several on site therapists dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

In our menu you will find therapies from two of the most distinguished companies in the field of Spa treatments, Voya and Bioaroma.

Bioaroma is a Greek company. All products are 100% natural, organic and water free. Their products and therapies are based on the natural treasures of Greece as well as the Ancient Greeks’, specifically the Minoans’, philosophy of wellness and cosmetics.

Voya is a family-run Irish company that base their products and treatments on hand-harvested, organic seaweed. Their therapies originate from traditional methods of treating ailments with seaweed because of its healing, nourishing and antiseptic properties.

F Zeen Boutique Hotel Kefalonia
F Zeen Boutique Hotel Kefalonia
F Zeen Boutique Hotel Kefalonia
F Zeen Boutique Hotel Kefalonia


To enhance your experience at F Zeen we offer daily exercise classes. Armonia, meaning harmony in Ancient Greek is our yoga deck that has been beautifully designed to complement the stunning nature of the surrounding forest. With great views, privacy and the sound of the sea, the location makes for an unforgettable yoga experience.

Additionally, you can book private classes with our instructor and personal training is also available on request. Please feel free to use the yoga deck and yoga equipment when a class is not being held.

Exercise in the fresh outdoors in our two-terraced gym, finished to very high specifications. One floor focuses more on cross fit, calisthenics and body weight exercises with specialized equipment including TRX suspension, a boxing bag, skipping ropes and kettle bells. The second floor contains the machinery such as treadmills, cross trainers and rowing machines.