Strength & Balance Retreat

Brings a refreshing new perspective on health and exercise by adding adventure and agility to your regime. The Retreat focuses on building stamina and strength whilst incorporating nature for more a natural and sustainable approach.


What will you experience?

An exercise schedule incorporating the beautiful surrounding nature of the retreat and the island with enough time to relax and enjoy the luxuries of F Zeen.

An experienced personal trainer will cater the workouts to your individual needs and give you new ideas of how to adapt your workout in different surroundings.

There will be a local hike, a trail run and an exclusive trip to the top of Mount Ainos where you will be guided through nature paths and take part in a memorable fitness session in the island’s National Park.

Enjoy the fitness sessions catered specifically to this retreat in our outdoor gym, overlooking the Ionian Sea. A complimentary 30 minute personal consultation session is also included.

Reward yourself with the nutritious, organic and satisfying local cuisine from our restaurants during your stay. To top this all off enjoy a visit to the spa for your complimentary massage where you can enjoy complete relaxation and nourishment of the body and mind.

Daily Schedule


Room Types


What is included:

1 Hour Massage
3 Night’s Accommodation with Breakfast
Access to all classes exclusively for the retreat
30 minutes Personal Training Private Consultation
Use of all other services and facilities, including the regular classes
A morning excursion to the top of the mountain along with a guided hike and fitness session
10% discount on all dining, additional spa treatments and boutique purchases