Throughout the season we offer a wide variety of health retreats. We provide the perfect environment that encourages the relaxation and healing of both the body and the mind. For more information or to host your own retreat please contact

1st October – 5th October 2021
The perfect combination of yoga, meditation and fitness. Incorporating the beautiful surroundings of F Zeen into your daily practice, with a carefully coordinated schedule to help mental clarity as well as leaving you feeling more energized and refreshed. What will…
8th October – 11th October 2021
A great introduction to Aerial Yoga whilst incorporating the theme of self-awareness into your daily practice. This retreat offers ways to explore your boundaries both physically and mentally and learn to deepen your yoga practice through the use of silk…
15th October – 18th October 2021
Brings a refreshing new perspective on health and exercise by adding adventure and agility to your regime. The Retreat focuses on building stamina and strength whilst incorporating nature for more a natural and sustainable approach.           …